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Rudy Project Wing 57 White Orange Team Ccc

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Rudy Project Wing 57 White Orange Team Ccc

Rudy Project is ready to revolutionize once again the market of triathlon helmets and for time trial cycling races with a product with very high technological innovation, the result of an intense and in-depth engineering research developed in collaboration with the best aerodynamic expert, the American John Cobb. The result is the incredible new Wing57 helmet.

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN by JOHN COBB, designed in collaboration with the legendary aerodynamic guru John Cobb, the new Wing57 has undergone intensive studies in the wind tunnel with the aim of becoming the best time trial helmet on the market.
Through numerous tests, engineers Rudy Project and Cobb have developed an innovative geometry of the tail to ensure amazing performance in every aerodynamic position and with every profile of the back.

Wing57 Technologies:

Center Pressure Balance:
Among the main innovations of the helmet, the weight balance has been improved by moving the pressure center forward, thanks to the reduction in the length of the tail and the addition of material on the front of the helmet (Dorsal Ridge).
This allowed to limit the annoying rotations of the helmet due to the push of the side wind.

Custom fit:
The legendary fit of our products is the result of scientific studies on the human head, design innovation, progress of materials and manufacturing techniques.
Our innovative systems are continually updated and refined, to ensure exceptional adjustability and stability.

Customizable Air Management:
Air conditioning in one click, the body consumes energy to cool one's body.
Rudy Project uses aerodynamic science to do so, the Wing57 ™ time trial helmet is equipped with a set of modular and removable covers composed of 2 elements, one closed and one to the network, to be inserted alternately in the front ventilation opening to adjust the air access.
In this way it is possible to control ventilation and aerodynamic efficiency according to environmental conditions and to keep the body at maximum efficiency.

Dorsal Ridge:
The shell of the Wing57 ™ time trial helmet inspired by sharks, converts oblique forces into frontal forces, providing in the event of cross winds all the advantages of a long tail helmet without negative effects on the frontal area.

Directional Flow:
The form of Wing57 offers all the advantages of the forms of the wing of the Naca (National Advisory Committee For Areonautics) avoiding the natural expenditure of energy needed to cleave the air.

In Mold:
The primary objective of PR is to minimize the consequences of accidents, which is why the In-Mold technology allows us to cast the outer shell in polycarbonate directly during the injection phase of the expanded polyester (EPS) thus allowing to create a structures more rigid, impact-resistant and extremely light: essential features of our helmets.

Vortex Killer System:
Accelerate ventilation and increase performance.

Through the scientific design of the geometric lines and the lateral openings of the helmet, the Vortex Killer System ™ redirects the air flows, the main cause of friction and instability, beyond the back of the helmet.
The air is then pushed over the neck and shoulders to a different intensity and volume with respect to the air coming from the opposite direction.

Jet Stream: The Wing57 helmet is equipped with an additional, removable, magnetised aerodynamic tail, which can be applied to the Air Director as its natural extension, improving performance depending on the configuration of the back and shoulders.

Weight S-M 320 gr
Weight L 330 gr
Certifications Available CE / EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, AS / NZS 2063

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