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Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Titanium Carbon

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Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Titanium Carbon

Innovative multisport GPS smartwatch with Cardio wrist technology1, TopoActive Europe color maps and Trendline ™ routes based on popularity to help you find and follow the best trails.
Pulse Ox pulse sensor 2 monitors blood oxygen saturation levels to support advanced sleep monitoring and altitude acclimatization
Ideal for any activity with a design designed for any type of environment that includes a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, bezel and bottom in stainless steel or titanium DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon).
Listen to your favorite music from the smartwatch thanks to the wireless connectivity of Bluetooth® headsets (third-party and sold separately) for listening without smartphone2 compatible with Garmin Pay ™.
The contactless payment solution3 that allows you to make payments directly to your wrist from the smartwatch, without using cash or credit cards
It features a three-axis compass, a gyroscope and a barometric altimeter. In addition to GPS detection, it supports the GLONASS or Galileo system, for the best location in the most inaccessible places, where the GPS system alone would not be sufficient.
Battery performance: 4 to 20 days in smartwatch mode and 13 hours in GPS mode with music (depending on settings).

For the athletes and lovers of outdoor adventures who want the most from a multisport wrist trainer, the ultra-robust fēnix 5X Plus has arrived.
This is our first watch in the fēnix series to offer a Pulse Ox pulse sensor to monitor blood oxygen saturation during sleep - or to make a spot measurement of your oxygen levels and altitude acclimatization at any time of day.
Other features include TopoActive Europe color maps, heart rate on the wrist, a music player that allows you to store and listen to up to 500 tracks - in addition to Garmin Pay, our contactless payment solution.

On the asphalt or dirt road, the smartwatches of the fēnix 5 Plus series, all equipped with preloaded TopoActive maps, integrate navigation functions that will allow you to orientate yourself in an easy and intuitive way even in the most extreme conditions thanks to precise data made after turning.
For runners and cyclists, the device is able to generate Trendline routes based on the popularity of our users. Drawing on the rich database of tracks on the Garmin Connect ™ you can run and cycle anywhere in safety and in areas frequented by other sportsmen.

Manufactured from premium materials, the fēnix 5 Plus Series is available in different finishes, with a PVD-coated stainless steel bezel with a treated silicone watch band or, for those looking for a lighter metal, a deluxe version is available. titanium bezel with brushed titanium strap.
All models wear Garmin Chroma Display ™ in color, high resolution, transflective and with LED backlighting that guarantees excellent readability even under the sun. To offer greater resistance to scratches, all models of the fēnix 5X Plus series incorporate a very resistant sapphire lens.

When the terrain becomes more steep and on the path you expect very steep climbs, your fēnix 5X Plus is equipped with special functions dedicated to the climbs that are really useful. The ClimbPro page provides real-time information on current and future climbs. Displays the degree of slope, distance and altitude increase for each uphill segment, as well as a progress indicator showing the remaining distance. During higher climbs, the Pulse Ox sensor of the watch provides information that you can use to measure blood oxygen levels compared to rarefied high altitude air.
The additional activity and sleep functions are also monitored by the Pulse Ox sensor.

Satellite reception optimized in addition to receiving the GPS signal and GLONASS, fēnix 5 Plus has the Galileo geostationary satellite receiver to make the location even more precise.
In support of the navigation indications on the map, fēnix 5 Plus also features ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass, compass) that make the orientation and knowledge of the surrounding environment even easier, the altimeter generates data on the altitude for carefully monitor ascent and descent for mountain activities, while the 3-axis electronic compass with inclination compensation indicates the direction - both moving and standing still.

Advanced performance metrics All the multizport GPS smartwatches of the fēnix 5 Plus series are equipped with specific training functions that allow you to monitor your fitness and performance. See the physiological metrics, travel dynamics and much more

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