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Garmin Vector 3s

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Garmin Vector 3s

Pedal power meter is installed like another pedal and transfers quickly between bikes.
Calculates cadence and total power (watts), easy updates to the double detection system
Allows easy updating via EDGE compatible ® cycling computer, ANT ® connectivity or Bluetooth ®¹ enabled devices and Garmin Connect ™ mobile apps.
Battery life: up to 120 hours.

Unlike others, the Vector 3S has a sensor housed in the left pedal, so reliable and accurate data on every training session.
Vector 3S is a convenient way to receive data.
As a single detection system, it uses the forces detected on the pedal to measure cadence and approximate total power, and is easy to upgrade to the dual sensing system.

Easy to install, transfer and use, there are no complex transmission ratios and no external sensor to install.
Vector 3S installs like another pedal and is easy to transfer from one bike to another without the assistance of a specialized store.
In addition, the sleek design and improved stack height, its precision stainless steel spindle and composite pedal body have been tested to withstand years of use.
Offers a battery life of up to 120 hours.

You can also integrate post-run analysis, data sharing, mapping, route planning and more with Garmin Connect ™, Strava and TrainingPeaks.
Use ANT connectivity to become stronger by pairing Vector 3S with TrainerRoad.
With the TrainerRoad app, you will receive customized internal workouts in scale on the power of Vector 3S. Indoor and outdoor.

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