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Tyr Hurricane c3 Man

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Tyr Hurricane c3 Man

Designed for competition at every level, the Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 3 utilizes some of the best features from our Cat 5 Hurricane to optimize speed and help you outperform the pack on race day.
First up? The triathlon world’s most premier wetsuit fabrication: Yamamoto neoprene.
Specifically employed for triathletes that are elite level swimmers, Yamamoto is used to drastically reduce restriction on the body, creating the feeling of a second skin.
Through a combination of comfort and uninhibited movability, Yamamoto optimizes both speed and control in the water.
At TYR Sport we believe that having the best wetsuit begins with having the best fabrication.
As a result, every Cat 3 Hurricane is constructed with 100% 38 Cell Yamamoto neoprene.
In addition, the process of Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Coating is used alongside the fabrication to enhance comfort and freedom of movement.
With both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, SCS repels water, ensures high heat retention for decreased body fatigue and boasts incredible durability to prevent abrasions and increase product life.
Rather than a standard seam construction, each Cat 3 also utilizes speed wrap paneling to comfortably hug and hold you in.
Next, strategically placed elevation panels are employed to establish proper body positioning relative to the water’s surface, while graded catch panels on the forearms of the suit provide a catch-and-pull stroke similar to having a built-in paddle.
When working in conjunction with form-fitting wrist cuffs, the result is maximized power strokes without any water intake.
Each and every HCCTM6A wetsuit also includes quick release ankle cuffs, an innovative antimicrobial lining and state-of-the-art range of motion zones.

All TYR Hurricane wetsuits are WTC (Ironman)

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