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Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red

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Red / Black - LENS RED 1
Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red - Photo 1 Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red - Photo 2 Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red - Photo 3 Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red - Photo 4

Rudy Project Agon Rp Optics Graphite Multilaser Red

Glasses for sports;
An ultra-technical eyewear ideal for cycling, mountain biking and triathlon equipped with all Rudy technologies. The most advanced design, which offers the athlete freedom of customization for maximum comfort, functionality and aesthetics.
Excellent visual performance for those suffering from visual disturbances There are four corrective solutions to see with your eyes and focus on your performance.
The most advanced corrective lenses for the photochromic and unbreakable ImpactRx sports.
Made with the most advanced software and extremely sophisticated finishes, they provide superior clarity and visual comfort and are able to cover high corrective factors.

Adjustable nosepiece:
The adjustable nose pad system offers extraordinary comfort and offers an exceptional fit for every face configuration.
This system allows you to control the appearance.

Adjustable terminals:
The terminals, totally adjustable at 360 °, can be oriented in every direction applying a delicate pressure for an absolutely customized fit. This adjustment allows you to find the right grip of the glasses on the face.

Grilamid frame:
Grilamid®, a high-quality thermoplastic material resistant to impact, and hypoallergenic, designed by Rudy for its qualities of stability, flexibility and durability over time.

Quick change:
Climate management thanks to a superior optical solution.
The patented Quick Change ™ system of interchangeable lenses allows easy and quick replacement of lenses, to handle any light condition.

Security project:
They have always been committed to ensuring a higher level of safety, through integrated hinges and soft thermoplastic elastomers that reduce the risk of injury in the event of falls, impacts or collisions.

This is an aerospace aluminum alloy patented by RP experts, the result of the combination of magnesium, silicon and titanium that allow the creation of extremely light sunglasses, versatile, with unmistakable performance.

Vent controller:
No more fog, but a vision of absolute transparency.
Our Vent Controller ™ has been designed to work properly. This ensures perfect vision and comfortable ventilation.

Soft thermoplastic sheaths assembled with mechanical procedures, thanks to the innovative T-Lock ™ system, you can change to appear a perfectly personalized and exclusive look.

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