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Zoggs Predator Mirror

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Zoggs Predator Mirror

An innovative range of swimming goggles that are the heart of the Zoggs brand, always dragged from the experience that has allowed the Australian brand to become a leader in this market.
In Zoggs we care deeply about what we do, for us not just to design innovative products, quality equipment for swimming and bathing suits, for us it's a passion!
We want all swimmers to feel free and enjoy their activities.
Share our passion for swimming!
The Air technology solves two of the biggest problems for people who wear glasses: uncomfortable in the eye contour area, silicone signs around the eyes.
The seals of the Air technology give a soft "seal" that does not pass the water and
He does not leave marks on your face.
Our unique molds hypoallergenic Soft-Seal fit perfectly to the contours of the swimmer's face, offering a superb fit while maintaining the softness of a "second skin".
CLT is the technology that allows our lenses to be unique on the market, providing the swimmer 180 ° device division and an exceptional sharpness.
We love the sun, but we recognize the importance of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays while swimming.
For this reason we have included UV protection standard on all glasses since 1992. As well as our standard UV360,
we also introduced UV400 for maximum protection (blocks 99% -100% of UVA and UVB rays), swimming will be so safe and fun.

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