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Garmin Forerunner 645 Black

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Black

Garmin Forerunner 645 shows advanced travel dynamics data, including balance of ground contact time, stride length and vertical ratio. In addition, it includes the contactless payment method Garmin Pay that allows you to pay conveniently using the watch to leave your money and credit card at home. Use the heart rate sensor on your wrist to take advantage of the supervision features of your performance, including the evaluation of your current training status. With this model, you can easily download up to 500 songs on your watch and connect it to Bluetooth headsets (sold separately) to listen to music without using the phone. You can also synchronize Deezer's music to listen to it without connection.

The contents of the box:
- Forerunner 645
- Battery charger cable
- Documentation

Technical specifications:
- Lens material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3
- Ring nut material: Stainless steel
- Quick Release Bands (20 mm, industry standard)
- Strap material: Silicone
- Dimensions of the box (LxWxH): 42.5 x 42.5 x 13.5 mm
- Weight: 42.2 g
- Water resistance: 5 ATM
- Display type: visible in sunlight, transflective, MIP (Memory-In-Pixel)
- Display dimensions (Width / Height): Diameter of 30.4 mm (1.2 ")
- Display resolution (Width / Height): 240 x 240 pixels
- Color display:
- Battery / battery life Smartwatch mode: up to 7 days; GPS mode without music: up to 12 hours; GPS mode with music: up to 5 hours
- Memory / History: 200 hours of activity data

Clock functions:
- Time / Date
- Time synchronization by GPS
- Automatic summer timetable
- Alarm clock
- Timer
- Stopwatch
- Now sunrise / sunset
- Heart rate monitor using Garmin Elevate
- Barometric altimeter
- Compass
- Gyroscope
- Accelerometer
- Thermometer

Daily intelligent features:
- Bluetooth, ANT +, Wi-Fi connectivity
- Connect IQ: clock display, data fields, widgets and downloadable applications
- Smart Notification
- Automatic reply with preset messages (Android only)
- Calendar
- Smart weather forecast
- Music control
- Music memory: up to 500 songs
- Play music
- Phone search
- Find my clock function
- Remote control for VIRB
- Compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones
- Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile
- Garmin Pay

Live activity detection:
- Pedometer
- Line of inactivity (appears in the device after a period of non-use, walk a few minutes to reactivate it)
- Automatic goal (know your activity level and assign a daily goal)
- Control sleep (control the total period of sleep and periods of movement or deep sleep)
- Burnt calories
- Ascended staircases
- Distance traveled
- Intensity detector
- TrueUp
- Move IQ
- Age depending on the physical form (in the app)

Fitness Equipment / Gym:
- Preloaded Gym Activity Profiles Strength Training, Cardio Workout, Elliptical Training, Stair Stepping, Floor Climbing, Indoor Rowing and Yoga
- Cardio workouts
- Strength training
- Automatic repetitions

Training, planning and analysis functions:
- Speed ​​and GPS distance
- Customizable data pages
- Customizable activity profiles
- Auto Pause
- Interval training
- Advanced training sessions
- Downloadable training plans
- Auto Lap
- Manual lap
- Configurable lap alerts
- Maximum VO2
- Training status: allows you to check the training effectiveness by recording training data, such as VO2 max and the anaerobic threshold and to compare them with recent data
- Training Load: combines the heart rate and the VO2 max to calculate the intensity over a period of 28 days and allows you to verify that you are in the optimal range to reach the goal
- Training Effect (aerobic)
- Training Effect (anaerobic)
- Customizable alerts
- Audio alerts
- End time
- Virtual Partner
- Virtual Racer
- Directions on the route
- Segments (live, Garmin)
- Strava functions (Beacon, live segments)
- LiveTrack
- Tactile lock or with buttons
- Automatic scrolling
- Timeline of activities on the watch

Heart rate functions:
- Parts of heart rate
- Heart rate alerts
- Heart rate calories
-% of maximum charge frequency
-% FCR
- Recovery time
- Maximum automatic heart rate
- VFC Stress Test: Measure heart rate variability while standing still for 3 minutes to give you an estimate of the stress level; the score is from 1 to 100 and a lower score indicates a lower stress level (charger / data cable)
- HR Broadcast (transmits heart rate data to devices bound by ANT +)
Travel functions
- Pre-installed run profiles
(running, running on a treadmill, indoor running)
- Distance, time and pace on the GPS
- Travel dynamics
- Cadence (number of steps per minute)
- Performance condition: after a run of 6-20 minutes, the device compares the condition in real time with the average fitness levels
- Race training sessions
- Race forecasts
- Compatible with speed and cadence sensor (with sensor)

Outdoor activities functions:
- Profiles for outdoor activities preloaded: skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, paddle surfing, oars
- Point-to-point navigation
- Path marked in real time
- Back to the beginning
- TracBack
- UltraTrac mode
- Share profile
- Distance to destination
- Vertical speed
- Total ascent / descent
- GPS coordinates

Cycling features:
- Preloaded cycling profiles: cycling, indoor cycling
- Routes (competition against previous activities)
- Race against an activity
- Time / distance alarms (an alarm is activated when the target is reached)
- Compatible with Varia Vision (display with head support)
- Compatible with the Varia radar (rear-view radar)
- Compatible with Varia lights
- Cadence: offers the number of steps per minute in real time (ANT + and Bluetooth Smart)

Swimming functions:
- Preloaded swimming profiles: Swimming in the pool
- Metrics for swimming in the pool (pools, distance, pace, number / frequency of strokes, calories)
- Detection of the type of stroke (free style, back, frog, butterfly)
- Swimming efficiency (SWOLF)
- Registration of the exercises
- Swimming training

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