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Garmin Radar Varia

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Garmin Radar Varia

Safety is essential in sports practice.
Garmin in recent years has wanted to be a promoter of this very important aspect and today confirms it with the presentation of the new device Varia RTL510.
Born from the development of the predecessor Varia Radar, the new Garmin sensor is a true rear-view radar that allows the cyclist to be always alert and attentive on the approach of vehicles, even at low speed, coming from behind; at the same time it signals its presence on the road to motorists through the built-in rear light.
Renewed in the vertical and aerodynamic assembly system to favor cyclists as well
they have an important muscular development in the area of ​​the adductors, the new Varia RTL510 is recommended to everyone: from the athlete engaged in daily training, to the cyclist during an outing with friends, to the cyclist during one of his travels. With Garmin Varia RTL510 pedaling on the road will gain new awareness and security.

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