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Suunto Traverse Alpha Foliage

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Suunto Traverse Alpha Foliage

Suunto GPS external clock with versatile navigation capabilities for hiking and trekking.

The curiosity drives us to seek out and discover new places, but it is the confidence of finding our way, which encourages us to get off the beaten track.
Topographic maps in Movescount and integrated GPS navigation GLONASS * Traverse Suunto can help you plan your trips and find the natural way.
The automatic track navigation bar ensures you can re-trace your steps when necessary.
The strong build and a powerful battery of Traverse Suunto can help guests explore hour after hour.

- GPS and GLONASS * navigation route
- Real-time views of the breadcrumb recorded track
- Monitoring for speed, distance and altitude
- Route planning to with topographic maps
- 100 m / 330 ft water resistant
- Altitude (FusedAlti ™)
- Weather trend and storm alarm
- Sunrise-sunset times
- Compass
- Torch
- Daily monitoring of steps and calories
- GPS Update Time
- Alarm Vibrations
- Mobile Notifications
- Compatible with Suunto Movescount App (iOS and Android)

• machined nut with knurl, covered with a micro-coating technique with very high resistance
• Glass Mineral Sapphire
• in textile strap and braided nylon, water-repellent.

Software and technical features:
• Altimeter profile of elevation changes, in real time
• Calendar moon phase
• Desktop Storage calories / distance in the daily chart / week / month / year for a better experience of Activity Tracking
• Sport Mode => Hunting and Fishing, with new names for the way-point
• Stores like way-point, the shot just fired
• Red backlight for better night vision

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