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2xu Compression Sleeved Trisuit Black Damen

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2xu Compression Sleeved Trisuit Black Damen

Designed for those who target the log distance races, the Compression line uses the fabric 105D / CK for muscle support and the 'ICE X cooling technologies.
Reduces muscle swing, cools and UV protection promotes performance and protects the body during the race.

- Lightweight and performing PWX fabric.
- Aerodynamic, thanks to the channels in the fabric the penetration of the air is maximum.
- "Made in Italy" silicone elastic that guarantees excellent grip and great comfort.
- Ergonomic panels developed for maximum comfort, short sleeves to increase aerodynamics.
- Back pockets.
- Full zip on the front with self-locking.
- Elite LD Chamois padding for maximum support and comfort during the bike fraction.

Quadricep Mapping - Reduces impacts and dissipates load transfer on the knee joints. Increased support for the muscle fibers of the quadriceps to help reduce muscle fatigue and stress.

Bust and back - ICE X - Thanks to the use of polyester filament yarn constructed with cooling the body remains cooler during the activity.
Coupled with 50D fabric to ensure excellent wearability during activity.
Legs - 105D / CK - LYCRA® fabric of 105 denier yarns for maximum muscle support, the 105D / CK fabric is developed to increase performance like never
until today.
It offers incredible muscle stability, less vibration and fatigue, while the breathability properties are kept alive.
Sleeves and side panels - KINETIC SPEED - Maximum speed on the bike and light compression on the muscles to increase strength and comfort.
Elite LD Chamois - The differentiated density pad is also characterized by the microperforation which migiora ventilation and breathability for quick drying out of the water.

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