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2xu Propel Pro Man

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2xu Propel Pro Man

Speed ​​and flexibility to the nth degree, this is the latest generation suit for maximum performance in the water.
Characterized by the 45 Cell neoprene, the most flexible in the world, and by panels incorporated on the bust and legs to offer maximum buoyancy for a perfect balance between freedom of movement and elevation in the water.

39 CELL - the most floating neoprene on the market with a thickness ranging from 1 to 3 mm.
45 CELL - Ultra-flexible material, mainly used on arms and shoulders for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement thanks to the thickness of 1
mm and to the nano coating SCS COATING.
NANO SCS COATING (Super Composite Skin) - Applied as a layer on the surface of the neoprene creates a unique material that guarantees 4% more buoyancy.
The mixture applied to the rubber surface repels water as it comes into contact with air and reduces the surface when in contact with water.
Less resistance means more speed, SCS guarantees comfort, and extra freedom of movement.

- Nano SCS coating - guarantees an extra 4% buoyancy, this hydro-silicone silicone coating reduces water resistance during swimming.
- Neoprene 45 Cell without seams maximum flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement thanks to 1mm of thickness.
- Front panels with inserts to increase the buoyancy without seams and superstretch lining improves buoyancy and increases flexibility.
04. Intermediate stretch zones (IZS) panels improve the fluidity of movement.
05. Concave water entrapment zones increase the distance of the single stroke.
06. Lower leg propulsion panels increase the leg strength
07. 520% ​​stretch lining (internal) improves lateral flexibility
08. Floating zip panel improve movement to lengthen the stroke distance
09. Rollbar increase the buoyancy of the core and the position of the body 010.

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